Sex & Intimacy

House-husbands get less sex from partners

Sometimes surveys can make your day, especially when you have a dull one - causing by lack of sex... It's so interesting that I couldn't help but share with you this one. The survey says that … [Read more...]

Best time to have sex?

I can't help but to notice this. It's good to try something different once in a while. Just to inject freshness into our lives. Reason: When things get routine, we tend to get bored. Sex … [Read more...]

Do you make these condom mistakes?

It’s remarkable how a tiny thing like a condom can cause so much confusion among its users. The purpose of using condoms is contraception and to prevent STD’s. Failing to use it the right way … [Read more...]

Female Orgasm Video

Hold your horses before you let your imagination run wild. It’s nothing obscene here. And it’s nothing like what you are thinking. This is about a video of a woman having an awe-gasm… Not the … [Read more...]

Sex After Kids: Keeping the Flame Alive

I have been told for years "once you have kids, forget about having any alone time of any kind!" So we waited to have kids, and waited and waited. Ten years after being happily married with a sex life … [Read more...]

How To Reclaim Sexual Intimacy After Birth

A big question for many couples – either legally or spiritually married or not – is the issue on how to achieve a continued intimacy – especially after the advent of children.  Couples marry out of a … [Read more...]

Former Playboy TV talk show host on sex, intimacy, striptease and relationship

Sit back and hold tight as Miyoko Fujimori shares with you her secrets on sex, intimacy, and relationships in this exclusive interview… some can be a bit saucy (but Miyoko doesn't think so). This … [Read more...]

Low Sex Drive? Here’s How to Get it Back

Many men and women find that their sex drive starts to diminish as they get older. For women it can be that they just don’t enjoy sex as much or that it takes them longer to get into the mood. It may … [Read more...]

Love Making Tips for Wives: Surprise Your Husband in Bed

Sex is an important part of a marriage. It is the one thing that takes your relationship to a deeper level. It keeps the love alive, and the fire burning. Sex also helps husband and wife connect … [Read more...]

How Can I Last Longer in Bed and Stop Premature Ejaculation

Men who suffer from premature ejaculation get a bad rap sometimes.  Whether due to extreme arousal, blood flow issues or some other reason, the condition can be annoying to say the least and can also … [Read more...]