Do you make these condom mistakes?

It’s remarkable how a tiny thing like a condom can cause so much confusion among its users.

The purpose of using condoms is contraception and to prevent STD’s.

Failing to use it the right way can turn fun to doom which could lead to unwanted disaster: new life or death (if AIDS/HIV is contracted).

According to an interesting article by Men’s Health, there’s a whopping 15 mistakes people are making when it comes to the usage of con-dooms.

15 mistakes!

By a tiny con-doom?


As always, I read surveys with a grain of salt. I think you should too.

Don’t trust every thing you read (mine included). Use your wisdom to decide what you read – whether it is a fact or myth.

The same goes to this con-doom survey by Indiana University.

Although I am not sure how true the survey is, I share it with you anyway because there’s SOMETHING we can learn here: the proper way of using a con-doom.

Here’s the list of 15 con-doom mistakes from the survey:

1. late application – putting it on only after intercourse has begun

2. early removal – remove it before intercourse is complete

3. completely unrolling the condom prior to application

4. no space at the tip – leaving no room for semen

5. failure to remove air from the tip before use

6. inside-out con-dooms – trying to save money or what?

7. failure to completely unroll the condom before use – low cut?

8. exposure to sharp object

9. failure to check for damage

10. no lubrication – extended usage can cause con-doom to tear if without lubrication.

11. lubrication complications

12. incorrect withdrawal

13. reusing a condom

14. incorrect storage – avoid storing them in direct sunlight or your wallet

15. not wearing one at all – is this a mistake too?

Phew! That was long.

Yeah I know.

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