Love Making Tips for Wives: Surprise Your Husband in Bed

Sex is an important part of a marriage. It is the one thing that takes your relationship to a deeper level. It keeps the love alive, and the fire burning. Sex also helps husband and wife connect spiritually.

Every wife wants to do her best to please her man. Here are some tips on how you can best make love to your husband.

The Art of Making Love to Your Husband

  • Appreciate your husband. Tell him how much you appreciate your husband. Make him feel important. Tell him how much you care about him and how special he is to you. Don’t be stingy with your compliments and praises, especially on his masculine qualities. Give him the opportunities to be your hero and accept him for who he is. After all, love making starts outside the bedroom.
  • Wear lingerie. Men are more easily aroused than women. Why? Beside physically, men are visually stimulated. What you wear can enhance your sexual experience. Many men agree sexy lingerie is one great turn-on. If you are not comfortable, buy some and learn to get used to wearing them. These are not only for your man but also for you. Wearing sexy, lacy lingerie makes you feel more attractive, sexier, feminine, and most of all more confident.
  • Gently touch and stroke. If you caress the penis right, it can become very hard and firm. And your husband will definitely be aroused and pleased. The glans (head of the penis) is the most sensitive. Don’t be too rough while touching it or you will hurt your man and turn him off. Besides penis, try touching and rubbing other sensitive parts of the body such as nipples, testicles, ears, inner thighs. Touch and stroke your husband just like your most treasured asset (in fact, he is!). He will love you more than before.
  • Give oral pleasure. Fellatio (a proper term for blow job) is a vital part of a man’s great sexual relationship. Most men go absolutely crazy over oral sex. They like to receive and they like to give. Having a woman performing a blow job on him is so pleasurable. When a man receives fellatio, he feels extremely grateful, satisfied, and honored. When you perform fellatio, do it with lust and enthusiasm. Let go of your worries and put your focus on his pleasure… and no teeth allowed! For expert tips on giving your man the most satisfying oral pleasure possible, click here.
  • Tell him how great he was. After making love, let your husband know how great he was in bed. Kiss him, caress him. Hug him and talk dirty. Tell him what he did that made you excited and aroused like, “I love it when you kissed/touched/rubbed my _______.” Keep the conversation light to get the message through as your man must be tired by now 😉

Take Sex Life To The Next Level: Spice Things Up

Love Making Tips for Wife
Every wife gets a little bored with her routine. The dishes need to be washed every day, the laundry never ends and the kids always need something. So where does that leave your sex life? In a rut too!

Here are some more tips that you can use to change up your routine and give yourself some variety… and at the same time please your husband too. Take charge and make things exciting in the bedroom for both of you again!

Awakening a sleepy sex life might take a little bit of effort in the beginning. The best way to give it a boost quickly is to spice things up. And by spicing, I don’t mean you have to turn in to a porn star or develop a fetish. There are plenty of “normal” things to do to create a memorable night for your partner.

  • Try a new position. Is the old missionary style making you fall asleep? Buy a book, get a book from the library or surf online to find new and interesting positions to try. Try one new position each time you make love to see if you both like it. If you do, keep trying it!
  • Use a sexual aid. Gone are the taboos of having a vibrator in your bedroom arsenal. You don’t have one? Go buy one. Many stores sell “lovers” toys that you can see and buy in person. If you still are a little shy, thousands of online stores have sexual toys you can browse and buy online with complete privacy. Whether you shop in person or online, there is literally an endless amount of products to choose from.
  • Find a new location. Does making love in the bedroom, in the dark, on the bed bore you to tears? What’s going on in your living room? Try the couch for your foreplay warm up, or heck, even finish out on the couch. The bathroom is another good place where you can mix things up. Try showering together or take a long, soapy bubble bath.
  • Add ambience. No matter what room you choose to make love in, add some elements to the room to give an aura. Try dimming the lights, but not completely shutting them off. Place a piece of cloth to filter the light of the lamp. Add several candles around the room and turn the lights off. All will give you enough light to see by and the shadows will add an exotic effect to your night!

You can try one or all of these tips at the same time. The point is for you to choose what you like and what makes your love life better. Just by showing you care by doing research or going the extra mile will excite your partner. The only thing you have to do now is wait until you are alone.

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