Female Orgasm Video

Hold your horses before you let your imagination run wild.

It’s nothing obscene here. And it’s nothing like what you are thinking.

This is about a video of a woman having an awe-gasm…

Not the body but the brain.

To be more precise it’s an animation which was compiled from sequential brain scans of a woman on the big “O.”

You might know how it feels like having an orgasm. But you have not seen it.

Now for the first time, you can actually visualize an orgasm.

The scientist behind the study is Professor Barry Komisaruk.

And who was the guinea pig?

It’s Nan Wise, a 54-year-old PhD student and sex therapist in Prof Komisaruk’s lab.

She agreed to do the test by hooking up to a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scanner.

She stimulated herself while the machine took “snapshots” of her brain every two seconds, across 80 different regions.

The snapshots recorded how the brain responded when Nan was approaching, experiencing, and recovering from an awe-gasm.

During the climax, the oxygen levels in the brain increased in certain parts of the brain and it’s represented on a spectrum from dark red (lowest) to yellow/white (highest) in the video.

Wanna have a look? Here’s the video:

Interesting, eh?

However this bunch of scientists didn’t do this just for fun.

They wanted to find out what goes wrong when men and women can’t reach orgasm, how orgasm builds up and which parts of the brains are responsible for it.

Also, as Prof Komisaruk said, “We’re using orgasm as a way of producing pleasure. If we can learn how to activate the pleasure regions of the brain then that could have wider applications.”

We’ll see.

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