Babies know best

Think we know more than babies? Think again. A reader shared with me an interesting experiment she and her friends did when they weaned their babies. I admit I don't know about this when J … [Read more...]

What if the majority is wrong

I have to get something off my chest today. I know I have mentioned this many times before. But I still want to do it. One friend found it hard to contain her excitement as she managed to buy … [Read more...]

Quick but surprisingly healthy lunch box ideas

Being a stay-at-home dad has a lot of thinking to do. No. Not that type of thinking. It's not about how to hit sales target. Nor is it about using blackhat techniques and NLP to close a … [Read more...]

Parents can be sneaky too… sometimes

Children are not the only ones have the ticket to be sneaky, parents too can be crafty. When you're cornered, you have to find a way out. I made almond milk this week. Not wanting to waste it, I … [Read more...]

When picky eaters can be picky

Why children love to eat junk food and shun away from healthy food? Running out of ideas what to do with the veggie-haters? If you have one picky eater at home, read on. Everybody knows fruits and … [Read more...]

The encounter of the fourth kind of…

A week ago, K complained that his mouth was painful. Also before that he had a mild fever. I thought, "Oh no! Not HFMD again!" We took a flashlight and shined on K's mouth. And found … [Read more...]

Disease-proof your child

Got a question from a reader recently: "Can you please recommend us some good books on toddlers healthy eating? I would certainly want to bring up my child like J & K." Well, then I had not … [Read more...]

Who’s happier: Working or stay-at-home mothers

What determines happiness? What you do? Or where you are? Who are you with? Or what you eat? Gallup conducted a survey on happiness between working moms and stay-at-home moms to see who feel … [Read more...]

T-Rex in Human’s Clothing

I find this statistics interesting… and disturbing too. It’s about meat consumption of the homo sapiens. The data, gathered by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and analyzed by … [Read more...]

The day the family stood still

I hope this will not happen to your family. I definitely don’t want this to happen again in my family as it seriously interrupts the workings of the household. It surely disturbs even the … [Read more...]