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Tips on how to raise a happy and healthy family.

That’s one small step for her, one giant leap for my health

I have a confession to make. Up until recently, I was the one who woke J up every morning so that she could prepare herself for school. In other words, I was her alarm clock. I had to wake up … [Read more...]

Kitchen Renovation Strengthens Healthy Eating

You know what. The type of kitchen you have determines the type of foods you serve your family. It's important that you have the right type that promotes healthy living. No way! You actually … [Read more...]

Growing tall and big fast is deadly

For Chinese, there's one phrase that is commonly used to greet young children - especially during a child's birthday or the Chinese New Year. The phrase is "kuai gao zhang da." It is translated … [Read more...]

Lessons learned after second heart attack

I was talking to one of my favorite nasi lemak sellers the other day. He told me he was in the hospital and was recently discharged. "What happened?" I asked curiously. Apparently he had … [Read more...]

My latest “aha” moment in fitness

Let's talk about something other than parenting. There are many types of exercise. Namely cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility. The least I used to like is flexibility. Why? Because … [Read more...]

Peanut butter recalled

We entrusted food companies to produce foods and hopefully safeguard our health. But more often than not, they have failed us… miserably. In the latest event, Trader Joe's has recalled its … [Read more...]

Simplicity Cooking (I break rule again)

As I grow older, I like to remove things from my life instead of accumulating them. Cooking included. I try to make it as simple as possible. To make me look good, I'll call it simplicity … [Read more...]

HFMD Strikes Back?

If you remember our encounter with HFMD, you'll pray hard that it won't happen again. Hand, foot, and mouth disease is not funny when it strikes your child. Last Saturday, K was downed with … [Read more...]

Unhealthy homecooked food

Don't get me wrong, I am not looking down on home-cooked food. (Why should I? I am one who highly promotes it.) I think the effort of parents preparing food at home is commendable. It's a lot … [Read more...]

Flying Mosquito Disease

It sounds like Chinese kung fu but it has nothing to do with martial arts. It's less glamorous than that. Flying Mosquito Disease (飞蚊症) is the Chinese colloquial term for eye floaters. Last … [Read more...]