Fun Times

Looking for ideas to have fun with your family? You have come to the right place. Here you'll discover excellent tips, checklists, and real life examples of how parents have fun with children.

Boey yourself

In a rare opportunity, we took J and K to a book signing ceremony last Sunday. Why rare? Because it's hard to come across an author who is loved by them and is willing to do the autograph at the … [Read more...]

Kuala Selangor: Family Day Trip

Our plan for camping in an orchard didn't turn out well. My friend planned for a day trip to Kuala Selangor last Saturday. Joined altogether by three families: 6 adults and 5 children. Kuala … [Read more...]

Day Trip to Banting, Jugra, and Jenjarom

I couldn't stand the itch of not traveling during the recent one week school holiday. By hook or by crook I had to bring the family somewhere. I have a list of "Where to Go" and Banting and Jugra … [Read more...]

A Visit to Beris Lake Vineyard, Kedah

Are you kidding? A vineyard here in Malaysia? That was my reaction when I heard about this. Having a vineyard is not possible in a tropical country like Malaysia - which is hot and humid throughout … [Read more...]

Tanjung Sepat Day Trip 2.0

During a long weekend  in January, we had an impromptu plan. After almost 3 years since our first visit (you can read about it here), we made another trip to this authentic village that is full of … [Read more...]

Family Trip to Taiwan

During the last school holiday in December 2012, we went to Taiwan for vacation for a total of 13 days. My parents-in-law came along. After searching for a private driver and booking accommodation, … [Read more...]

Interesting facts about Taiwan

I am home! I just got back from our vacation in Taiwan. Though it was tiring (we changed hotel almost every day except the last 3 days) but it was fun and educational. For the uninitiated, … [Read more...]

The most effective way to teach values to children

If you want to teach children something, use stories. Why do you think you have bedtime stories and unlimited stories aimed at children? And most stories end with: "The moral of the story … [Read more...]

Simple act, huge pleasure

If you pay attention, you'd have noticed I haven't been writing lately. If you suspect I am lazy, you're partially right. Another excuse I give myself is I don't know what to write. A writer's … [Read more...]

Chicken Curry Bread of Kam Ling Restaurant Kampar

Kampar is famous for its chicken curry bread. Since we were near Kampar during our road trip, we made a special trip to enjoy the famous Kampar dish. In Kampar, there are two restaurants that … [Read more...]