Ipoh Road Trip: Food and More Food

As for Ipoh, we hunted for food more than doing things or sightseeing. Chinese Sausage Factory The only thing that is educational is our visit to a Chinese sausage (lap cheong) factory. This … [Read more...]

Tanjung Tualang Road Trip: Big Prawn Lunch

Initially, we planned to have lunch in Tanjung Tualang but our tour guide told us that the place has become very commercialized and the prices of food are skyrocketing. … [Read more...]

Batu Gajah Road Trip: Kellie’s Castle, Heritage Driving Tour, The Last Dredge, and Kinta Nature Park

Kellie's Castle We have heard of this castle for so many times and it's time for us to take a first hand look. Based on the story I heard, the castle was built by a Scottish planter called William … [Read more...]

Gopeng Road Trip: Gopeng Heritage House, Hup Teck Soy Sauce Factory & Gua Tempurung

Gopeng is a small town south of Ipoh. That was our first stop during our trip. We had breakfast there (I am not fancy of the food there somehow). Let's dive in... … [Read more...]

Family Road Trip to Ipoh, Batu Gajah, Tanjung Tualang, and Gopeng

During the last school holidays, four families embarked on a road trip to various towns of Perak. After some research and planning, we started our 3D2N trip up north before dawn. We put up our … [Read more...]

Crying at birthday party

K attended his friend's birthday party yesterday afternoon. The children were very excited and many of them jumping up and down for joy. As usual, besides the music and food and cake, there were … [Read more...]

Hopeless gardener revives gardening project

In the past, he got no luck with gardening. Be it flower or vegetable or tree. Whatever he planted, died. That's what his wife claimed. No hope of growing anything (with the exception of weeds, … [Read more...]

History Lessons at Lembah Bujang, Merbok, Kedah

We took a quick trip to Lembah Bujang in Merbok during the recent school holiday. Lembah Bujang (The Bujang Valley) is not as popular as other destinations in Malaysia but it sure gives visitors an … [Read more...]

National Planetarium Kuala Lumpur & Royal Malaysian Police Museum

Since it's now school holiday, I took J and K to National Planetarium (Planetarium Negara) Kuala Lumpur and Police Museum for a tour yesterday. It was a half day trip. And the trip is highly … [Read more...]

Bigger than parenting

No parenting lesson today. I hope you don't mind I occasionally talk about something other than parenting. Something hit me and I wanted to share with you. Here goes. … [Read more...]