Happy that Miley Cyrus cut herself?

No I am not a psycho who likes to see people suffer. I heard the news on radio that Miley Cyrus cut her finger (unintentionally) with a kitchen knife while preparing dinner at home. But don’t … [Read more...]

What’s her secret: 70-year old woman looks 35

This is amazing. And unbelievable too. More importantly, she is a living proof why raw diet rocks. She is 70-year old but she looks 35. When she goes out with her husband of 54 years old, … [Read more...]

What NOT to feed your child (I’m serious)

Many are brainwashed by con-mercials. Just the other day, we were invited for lunch at a friend's house. After lunch, my friend offered me a soft drink and he got himself a Guinness Malta malt … [Read more...]

Make doctors irrelevant

If you want to find ways to save on medical fees, I have great news. Let’s talk about two recent incidents that happened to J and K respectively. The first incident happened to J. One night … [Read more...]

Handholding Kills Learning

I am going to share with you one of the biggest lessons in parenting. At least for me… I thought I was the most carefree father in the world until I found myself being too protective over J and … [Read more...]

The Case Against Breastfeeding

Even though I have not breastfed before (for a very apparent reason), it doesn't take long to realize there are many parties are against breastfeeding mothers. Mother-in-law. Friends. Neighbors. … [Read more...]

Healthy cereals contain too much sugar

It's more common in Western countries but Asians are not far behind. It's indisputable that cereals are a popular breakfast, especially among children. If your child (heck, even adults) is one … [Read more...]

Lick the Leek

Normally it's difficult for the kids to do something new. But sometimes it can turn out to be fun. Here's the story: I made an aggressive change to our family diet last year and I have … [Read more...]

Celebrities who quit smoking

Contrary to what the media portrays (where smoking is cool), I am surprised many celebrities have quit smoking. To me, this is a good thing. I can't tolerate people who smoke blatantly in public … [Read more...]

Raising Healthy Children

First off, I am not a doctor. Neither am I a nutritionist. But I have read enough and done enough to raise disease-free kids. I am proud to say that my children are hardly sick, thanks to what they … [Read more...]