Marriage & Relationship

Surefire way to getting a divorce

Two people meet, fall in love and decide to live together. And as the fairytales go, they live happily ever after… WAIT! This is not about Snow White or Cinderella. This is reality. I … [Read more...]

Marriage Tips from Divorcees

It sounds counter-intuitive. How can we learn secrets to a happy marriage from people who have divorced? Sometimes, that's how we learn… from mistakes of others. Meaning if we want to have a … [Read more...]

Bruno Mars’ Marriage Secret

The fact is Bruno Mars is not a marriage counselor. And he is not even married. But why should you listen to him? I first heard about Bruno Mars from my teenage nephew. He caught my … [Read more...]

Three Vital Ways to Make Your Marriage Last

Maintaining a good marriage is a lot like baking a good cake: the outcome is 70% the quality of the ingredients, 25% the skill of the baker, and 5% luck. Therefore, most of the requirements for a long … [Read more...]

Ideas for Romantic Dates at Home (that are Easy on the Pocket)

Dates at home can be very romantic and help your relationship flourish even during a recession. You can have a good time while still cutting back on fancy restaurants and babysitters. Try these ideas … [Read more...]

Five Tips for Solving Trust Issues in a Relationship

At some point or another, you're likely to experience trust issues in your relationship. Whether it's brought about by infidelity, a decrease in your own self esteem, your partner's newly hired young … [Read more...]

Our Japan Vacation: Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Fuji Hakone, and Tokyo

For the longest time, since my two children came along, this is the first time my wife and I went for a vacation without them. As I mentioned in the article, there were some reasons why we left … [Read more...]

Travel Without Kids: How to Prepare for Vacation Just the Two of You

I can’t recall a time when we went for vacations without our two young children - after they came along. In a few days' time, this is going to be the first time my wife and I go for a vacation and … [Read more...]

How I Celebrated My 10th Wedding Anniversary

On a “normal” celebration, we usually give a small gift and card, wish each other a happy anniversary, and have dinner at a nice restaurant. Though we are prudent in the past as far as anniversary … [Read more...]

The Simple Formula for a Good Marriage

What is the main culprit of marriage problems? Many say it all boils down to communication. Or communication problems to be exact. You either communicate ineffectively or worse, you don't … [Read more...]