I am still struggling with this…

I am the first to admit that I am not a perfect parent. I am still struggling with this... I bought a copy of The Last Lecture at a book fair. The book is a transcript of a highly viral video on … [Read more...]

When your child writes his first love letter…

"When will a child fall in love?" Honestly, I chucked this question in a remote corner of my mind thinking that it was still unrelated to my current situation. As J and K are only 10 and 7 … [Read more...]

The Most Dangerous Myth About Parenting

Most parents are caught unaware of this myth and they operate based on it religiously and wonder why they keep heading in the wrong direction in parenting. It's not their fault. They are … [Read more...]

What death can teach you about parenting

Oh wait, not me! I am still alive and kicking! On a more serious note, someone had died and came back alive. This is not a story I pick from a horror fiction but it's a real story. Anita … [Read more...]

How to turn boring money lessons into a lively one

When you tell this magnificent advice "Save for a rainy day" to Gen Y and they will look at you like you are a three-headed alien from space. They don't understand why you want to save while money … [Read more...]

Kuala Selangor: Family Day Trip

Our plan for camping in an orchard didn't turn out well. My friend planned for a day trip to Kuala Selangor last Saturday. Joined altogether by three families: 6 adults and 5 children. Kuala … [Read more...]

Kitchen Renovation Strengthens Healthy Eating

You know what. The type of kitchen you have determines the type of foods you serve your family. It's important that you have the right type that promotes healthy living. No way! You actually … [Read more...]

How a puppy taught my children about time and promises

J and K love animals. Dogs especially. They have been bugging me to adopt one since a long time ago. But I turned them down. Reason: too much responsibility. Their life took a turn for the … [Read more...]

Banned baby names that parents use

When you're expecting next time, be careful how you name your baby. There are rules that you can't break. Yes, even though it's your baby but you can't just name her/him as you wish. And this … [Read more...]

What lousy politicians can teach you about parenting

Everybody has a fever. No it's not the virus that I am talking about. It's the election that I am talking about. Malaysians would go for the 13th election come May 5th. Not that politicians are … [Read more...]