Family Road Trip: Sitiawan, Lumut and Pangkor Island

Since we were offered a free place to stay (from my cousin) in Swiss Court Holiday Apartment Damai Laut, we planned a visit to this wonderful places (Sitiawan and Lumut) again during the recent school … [Read more...]

What we can learn from a simple lunch box

Two hours after J went to school today, only then did I realize she forgot her lunch box. It was packed nicely and the only thing she forgot to do was to put it in her school bag. Later, K realized … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day: “The Best Piece Of Advice Mom Ever Gave Me”

Though it's been 5 days after Mother's Day, there are things that are timeless and never go out-of-date. In conjunction with this year's Mother's Day, Marlo Thomas shared the best piece of advice … [Read more...]

Johnny-come-lately apology

Two weeks ago, I was rushing to school to fetch K. Out of good intention, J helped me start the car engine. This wasn't the first time she did so. But there's something that she did this time that … [Read more...]

Reading Mouserathon

After stopping for quite some time, K picked up reading again in the last week or so.  Of course, before that, I tried to encourage him to read but it was just that: light reminder. And no action … [Read more...]

Let kids be kids: Joining the tree-climbing tribe

You see in my neighborhood, there's an alternative school that encourages children to climb trees. Yep, it's true. According to the "followers," children are born with the right to climb that you … [Read more...]

Five Firsts of Not-So-Young Children

At different stages of life, elder kids tend to do different things than their younger peers. My philosophy is simple: I will do my best to let them do what they want to do as long as it's not life … [Read more...]

Securing Your Family’s Financial Well Being

You won't see this in the MSM (main stream media). If you read the news today, we are STILL in the best of the economy. The best proof is the Dow Jones has reached 16,000 points. Thanks to the … [Read more...]

School is a prison!

All this while, I feel something is amiss with our current education system. But I don't know what it is. And I have problems describing the situation too. Fortunately, I was introduced to this … [Read more...]

Death is part of life

You might not agree with me but besides sex, death is the most taboo topic for parents. Where's the fun of discussing about death, you ask. As far as I am concerned, there's no such thing as … [Read more...]