Weekend Activity: Attending concert with children

Yesterday, Sunday January 24th, my wife and I took our kids to a concert by Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. It was the second time J and K went to concert.

The theme for the last Sunday’s concert was Around the World. This session was specially for children and it was called Family Fun Day. I was surprised to see that the hall was full and happy to know that many parents are exposing healthy activities to their children.

The concert lasted for an hour and it featured music, as you guessed it, from around the world – from Ireland to Scotland, from England to Thailand, from Africa to USA. Though it was a short concert by adult’s standard, K was seen getting up and down his seat. He looked bored too. Maybe he is too young to appreciate “fine music.”

After the concert, my wife asked them both if they wanted to come again for another round of concert, the replies were mixed. J said she would like to go again but K’s reply was negative.

As for me, I love it! There were a few touching moments in that concert and I was so touched by the beauty and inspiring music that was performed by the orchestra. It was like the “aha” moment or reconnecting with self or something like that. We should go to concert more often.

If you are subscriber, you have the privilege to enjoy discounted prices for your tickets. Through our friend, CC, she managed to “network” with her friend’s friend (who is a subscriber) to get tickets at RM25.50 each. The original price is RM30 per person.

Concert Ticket

After the concert, we walked around the mall. After which, we adjourned to a nearby restaurant to have dinner with CC and another family (There were 11 of us: 7 adults and 4 children). The place offered authentic Chinese food and the food was excellent, especially the pi pa duck. It was a long day for the kids but they enjoyed it tremendously… I guess 😉


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