Unhealthy homecooked food

Home-cooked food
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Don’t get me wrong, I am not looking down on home-cooked food.

(Why should I? I am one who highly promotes it.)

I think the effort of parents preparing food at home is commendable.

It’s a lot of work and thinking and trying and making mistakes.

There are many reasons why parents cook at home.

One of them is to save money.

Secondly, it might be health reason.

I am more of the latter.

But wait…

Is home-cooked food really healthy?

Although it’s better to eat in but whether it’s healthy or not, it’s dependent on two factors.

One, ingredients. Fresh and organic are the best bet.

Two, the way you cook them. Deep fried is absolute no-no. Eating raw is the best.

Some parents, even though they cook, they still use all types of seasonings that are hazardous to health.

Some of them include stocks, table salt, oyster sauce, tomato sauce, and other pre-mixed stuff. The killer of all is MSG.

Most ready made products off the shelve are not healthy. You’re not sure what they put inside. Not to mention the coloring and preservatives those products contain.

When you cook, refrain yourself from using these seasoning products. Use natural seasonings such as herbs, lemon juice and try to stick to natural ingredients as much as possible.

Don’t trick yourself that if you cook at home, the food will be healthy –¬†unless you stick to healthy ingredients and healthy way of preparing food.

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