Unexpected Breakthroughs that Surprised Me

When we want something so badly, it won’t happen. But when we aren’t noticing, it comes… oftentimes at an unexpected time.

I am talking about child growth and development.

Sometimes children can give us the shock of our life by showing amazing skills that we think they don’t possess – if they are given enough time and the right environment.

In just one weekend (over May 28 and 29), J and K did a few things that really floored my wife and me.

The kids actually went to my hometown that weekend and met up with grandparents and uncles. I believe what happened to them is the result of numerous visits and many rounds of interaction he had with my parents and brothers. Which explains why they were so at home while they were there.

Talk and Play

J and K were not shy this time and they talked to my parents and brothers. It started with saying “hello” and before we left for home, it ended with “bye-bye.” This might not be a big deal for your family but it is to mine. J is a shy girl by nature, and it takes great effort for us to get her to talk, especially to outsiders. She doesn’t even answer a “yes/no” question, let alone saying something in full sentences. So when J talked to my brothers without coaxing, it was a great step forward for her.

Another breakthrough was it took no time for them to play with my brothers. Unlike in the past, they usually needed some time to warm up before they could really play with their uncles. This time around, they went straight to playing – without hesitation.

Answer the Telephone

As for K, also in the same weekend, he answered his first “live” telephone call at my in-law’s house. Nobody asked him to but when the phone rang, he quickly ran to the phone and picked up the call. This 4-year old seemed to have been doing it for thousand times judging from the way he talked on the phone. “I am K. Who are you? You want to speak to who?”

When we heard this, my wife and I looked at each other and were in shock for a few seconds. The scene was so amusing that we just soaked in the moment and had fun. The call was for my mother-in-law, from her son.

Make New Friends

Last weekend, we went for our monthly run and this time was special as it was held in one of the members’ houses. The house is beautiful with its resort-like design. It has an awesome swimming pool. J and K had a lot of fun in the pool.

They told us that they were making new friends at the pool. They talked to other children. Another great milestone for my quiet children. This was related to us after we came home from the run.

Allow Time for Things to Happen

As mush as I want J to be talkative just like other children, I have to be cautious not to put too much pressure on her (sometimes we do) to get her open her mouth. Otherwise, it will backfire on me and she may choose not to talk for the rest of her life.

As you can see from here, kids will do what they should do when the time comes. Parents can’t force it and dictate when it should happen – although the best we can do is to encourage and provide the necessary environment for them to grow.

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