Child Growth and Development: What My 23-month Old Can Do

I have written about my son’s developments in other two posts: 20-month old and 19-month.

As I said before, not to show off anything nor to compare. It’s more for my own record as of what K can do so that I can refer to it when the need arises. It’s for fun more than anything else.

Here’s what K can do now. Some probably backdated two months ago.

  • Biting. He bit my wife and his sister.
  • Two-syllable words. He can say more than mommy and daddy. His another two-syllable word is “chicken.” Why? Because he loves chicken and he can ask for more.
  • Make a request. He asks to play a VCD/DVD. Start off with Tweenies and now he wants to watch Gogo almost everyday!
  • The art of saying no. When we were shopping for a pair of shoes for him, we were shocked to find out that K stated his preferences by nodding or shaking his head. He wouldn’t try shoes that he doesn’t like. He also tells you what clothes to wear.
  • Graffiti. He knows he’s not supposed to draw on walls. But the more you tell him not to, the more he wants to draw on everything except paper.
  • Empathy. He can now understand the feelings of others: happy, sad, or in pain.
  • A companion. He now finds comfort in a toy dinosaur. He takes it with him everywhere he goes. As American Express says, “Don’t leave home without it.” But K brings it to another level. He makes the dinosaur his sleep partner.
  • Teeth: 9.