Tanjung Tualang Road Trip: Big Prawn Lunch

Steamed Prawns

Initially, we planned to have lunch in Tanjung Tualang but our tour guide told us that the place has become very commercialized and the prices of food are skyrocketing.

Our guide took us to a small town 15 minutes away south of Tanjung Tualang. The town is called Kampung Bukit Timah. We booked 2 kg of prawns for 2 tables.



Plus, if you want to go Tanjung Tualang for food, it’s better to come for lunch as the popular prawns may not last until dinner.

Before we reached the restaurant, we stopped by Tanjung Tualang town for snacks. To my surprise, the town was packed with people and food hunters. I suspect it’s due to school and public holidays.

Tanjung Tualang Roadside Stalls

Along the roadside, there are many stalls selling local snacks such as sat keh ma, kaya puff, biscuits, and drinks. They are all freshly baked and taste good.

Note: This article is part of Family Road Trip to Ipoh.