Lessons learned after second heart attack

Photo Credit: seyed mostafa zamani

I was talking to one of my favorite nasi lemak sellers the other day.

He told me he was in the hospital and was recently discharged.

“What happened?” I asked curiously.

Apparently he had heart attack – for the second time.

He told me he experienced excruciating pain in the chest and had difficulty in breathing before being hospitalized.

You see when I meet someone who experienced something bad, I always like to find out what he learns from the event.

Not that I am a psychopath that likes to see people suffer but there are great lessons to learn from people like this.

People can have drastic mindset changes after a traumatized event.

So for him, I’d like to dig deeper.

I asked him, “What do you learn from this experience?”

Without hesitation, he told me the heart attack was caused by his diet and lifestyle.

He explained that he loves to eat deep fried stuff. He likes to move around and hunt for food. He always has late dinner.

Another reason, as he told me, is stress. He said his job is very stressful as he has to wake up early to prepare food before his stall is open. Lack of rest is the other culprit.

I always believe there’s no single factor that caused one to be sick. There are many contributing factors in fact.

Who doesn’t know diet plays a big part in health?

Who doesn’t know stress can damage your body?

Every right thinking person knows.

But the problem is they don’t seem to care. They take their health for granted. They think their body is immortal and keep feeding it junk.

Listen up! It’s only a matter of time when your body says “Enough is enough. I can’t take it anymore!”

But do you really need to wait for that moment to come – like what happened to my nasi lemak friend?

Definitely he knew what’s good and what’s bad for him. But he ignored it all this while until the second heart attack.

For some people, maybe it’s too late when that happens. Why not make some changes for a better health starting today?

Don’t wait as you’ll never know when your body gives in.

First things first, as for diet, you have to unlearn what you know about diet and nutrition (especially those from the doctors!).

I know there’s too much noise out there in the health industry. It’s so bloody confusing and most of the time, contradicting.

That said, you have to be careful what or whom you listen to.

To help you set foot on the right path, I personally recommend you read a book called Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman.

To learn about our healthy family diet, take a look at “The Nonconformist’s Guide to Parenting.”

We have been on the diet for about 2 years. And never look back.

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The Nonconformist’s Guide to Parenting