Happy that Miley Cyrus cut herself?

Cooking at home
Photo Credit: Highways Agency

No I am not a psycho who likes to see people suffer.

I heard the news on radio that Miley Cyrus cut her finger (unintentionally) with a kitchen knife while preparing dinner at home.

But don’t worry, the former Disney star was rushed to the emergency room and all stitched up.

Back to why I am happy…

I am happy to see that despite her “superstar” status, Miley still cooks – even though she could easily hire a stay-in chef.

It’s good that the 19-year old heartthrob is given the opportunity to cook at home. And we must do the same for our kids too.

Getting your child help out in the kitchen is one of the best things you can do with your child.

Plus preparing home-cooked food is not without its benefits.

If you cook, you can choose only the healthy ingredients to go into your food.

If you eat out, you’re at the mercy of the restaurant who might not care more about your health than his wallet.

So however busy you are, find some time to prepare your own food.

Simple, healthy dishes can be whipped up within minutes.

Heck, some dishes you don’t even need to cook, such as salad – which, ironically, is the healthiest food of all.

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