Disease-proof your child

Healthy eating for children
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Got a question from a reader recently:

“Can you please recommend us some good books on toddlers healthy eating?
I would certainly want to bring up my child like J & K.”

Well, then I had not come across a book that is “well-founded” and easy to read on healthy eating for kids. So I only recommended a few general healthy eating books.

Things have changed now.

Last week I found a book by one of the authors I like. This book is entirely about raising healthy children with the right diet.

I like the title of the book and it’s called Disease-Proof Your Child: Feeding Kids Right.

Joel Fuhrman makes complicated subject easy to read. Though he backs his claims with researches, facts, and statistics, but you won’t find the book dry and boring.

Joel, a father of four children, is convinced that what the child eats during childhood has a HUGE impact on the child’s health later in life. It can be as far as 30-40 years later.

So feeding your child right when they are small is truly important.

What I also like about the book is the family physician also talks about what expecting mothers should eat to make sure the baby in the womb gets the best from you. Plus, after the baby is born, what types of foods a nursing mother must consume so the breast-fed baby gets a balanced and nutritional diet.

I wish I knew this when my wife was pregnant.

Not only that, Joel shares what you can do to reduce (or even get rid of) ear-infections, allergies, and asthma in children. No medications needed and all natural methods.

At the end of the book, Joel lists down a 10-day meal plan and more than 50 recipes that have been tested and proven child-friendly – recipes that children will love.

Though the book is geared for kids, it’s also good for adults too. After all the principles of nutrition are the same.

Another plus point of the book is the method outlined is simple and easy to implement. And this is excellent for parents who are busy.

One fact won’t change: If you eat what the media asks you to, you are doomed. Lots of facts have been changed and twisted. Your body is a walking time bomb if you don’t change what you eat. Disease-Proof Your Child is the answer to today’s declining food nutrition.

If you are with me and convinced that you need a change in diet for your child, you can get a copy of the book at Amazon or your local bookstore.

This is a great book specifically on feeding your child right and keeping the sicknesses away. As I said, it’s nothing complicated and everyone can do it.

Given that diseases climbing at an alarming rate, this book is the solution and it’s accorded Abel Cheng’s Seal of Approval.

P.S. What Joel teaches in the book is very much aligned with what I share in one of the chapters in “The Nonconformist’s Guide to Parenting.”

If you want a simplified version of raising disease-free children (minus the complicated research and proofs) plus other uncommon parenting tips, go to: