A Girl Gets A New Heart

I couldn’t stop my tears (of excitement) from flowing for a couple reasons.

I read about a story of a 14-year old girl, Tee Hui Yi, getting a heart transplant after waiting for the right donor for more than a year.

Definitely it’s good news for Hui Yi who has been using a luggage-like mechanical heart all this while. It’s also an exciting moment for her parents who have never stopped praying for her fast recovery.

As a parent, I share in the joy too. The transplant gives a huge relief to her parents.

But what really touched me was more than that.

I feel so proud for the father of the donor – a 15-year-old boy who has been confirmed brain-dead after a road accident.

It really touched my heart when he said this after he received a telephone call from a doctor telling him that his son’s heart had been successfully transplanted to Hui Yi:

Tee Hui Yi“Although I have lost a son, I now feel like I have a foster daughter.”

On why he agreed for his son to be an organ donor, he said: “My son was God’s gift to me. Now, it is time to return the gift to God.”

The moment I read this, my tears started to flow uncontrollaby.

I truly believe that Hui Yi would agree with me that this is a gift of life that is so full of love and selflessness.

I wish more people would pledge to donate their organs to save more lives and help others live a better life.