Wipe vs. Wash

Chores for Children
Photo Credit: UggBoy

No I am not talking about ass-cleaning.

It’s about something that J and K have come up with.

Let me tell you how it all started.

Not long ago, I have “assigned” some chores to J and K: wiping the table and washing dishes.

Both of them take turns to do one of the chores after dinner every evening.

After experiencing hiccups and arguments as of who should do what, J finally created a table to log who has done what on which day. The log consists of “Wipe” and “Wash” columns and other related info. This solves the problem as the table clearly tells them who is supposed to do the wiping and washing on a particular day.

End of arguments.

(As you might already know, both of them want to do the easy chore: wiping the table that is)

Though the new job scope was met with some resistance in the beginning, they carry out their duties now almost instantaneously.

No coaxing needed. Only a little reminder.

What surprised me is they even came up with a method to help them carry out their chores smoothly.

It’s also soothing to find that they work together for the sake of family.

Getting children involved in the chores is one of the best ways to raise responsible children.

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