Do you make this unobvious parenting mistake?

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Uncle Yang has four children.

They are now all grown-ups and each of them has their own family.

The sad thing is none of them cares about the aged Uncle Yang and his wife.

The only thing the children care is how to convince the grey-haired father to give them his last savings.

One day, when the most loved eldest son “abandoned” Uncle Yang and his wife, the other 3 children panicked and no one seemed to be interested in inviting them to stay with them.

All excuses were given not to take the parents in.

Uncle Yang’s fate is traced back to his younger days on how he treated his children. He loved the eldest son more and neglected the feelings of the other 3 children. All he focused on was the eldest. He helped him to further his studies overseas and eventually start his own business.

In doing so, he created hatred in his other children against him because of his biased love.

Finally, the eldest son migrated to Australia quietly without telling Uncle Yang. Left him no place to live after his eldest son sold off the house.

Uncle Yang was devastatingly sad.

He has nowhere to turn to since the other 3 children still harbor hatred in Uncle Yang for mistreating them when they were young.¬†They don’t seem to care where he’s going to stay.

I am not saying you can ignore your parents if he treated your brother/sister better than you. We still have to play a child’s role to take care of our old folks if they need our help.

Anyway, my point is treat your children EQUALLY.


Because everyone of them is as magnificent as he can be.

(In fact, we should do this not only to our children but to everyone else as well.)

Though this story is taken from a TV series that I am watching, there’s a powerful lesson for us to learn here.

We have the tendency to love the “cleverer” child more than the others but please don’t.

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