The child-driven life

The Sun
Photo Credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

There’s something interesting about our universe.

This runs through from as big as our solar system to as small as an atom.

If you paid attention in class, you’d have learned that the planets (earth is one of them) revolve around the sun. Meanwhile, electrons revolve around the nucleus.

In other words, the sun is the center of the solar system while the nucleus is the centre of an atom.

But what about a family?

Is there a center of a family?

There is.

But the question is who plays the role as the sun or the nucleus?

You have only two options: the parents or the children.

Take a moment and think of your own family. Is your family parent-centered or child-centered?

How does it like to have a child-centered family?


The child is in charge. And to put it bluntly, he is the boss.

As I mentioned before, since he is the nucleus, everything revolves around the child.

Whatever the child wants, the parents will do their best to give it to him – rain or shine.

At Toys ‘R’ Us, when the child wants a Ben 10 watch, you take out your credit card without saying a word.

When he wants junk food as his main meal, you amicably agree even though you know it’s bad for him.

These are but two examples of a child-centered family.

The parents are here to serve the child. The child is the king and the parents are the slave.

It might sound harsh but that’s what happens when you let the child take charge.

I can assure you that things will NOT turn out fine and dandy as time passes by.

I don’t care whether you do it out of ignorance or out of love, the family will get worse and one day the child will become a burden and loose cannon of the family.

Since the child needs guidance and discipline, you can’t let the child take charge.

The center of the family should be the parents, not the children.

You are the nucleus of the family atom.

You are the sun of the family solar system.

It’s time to take back the reign and be the boss of the family again.

Turn it around and become a parent-centered family. Do it before it’s too late.

It will not be easy as your child will refuse to hand over the power but take one step at a time. Soon, the child will understand.

It’s for the good of the family: you and the child.

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