STOP! I Don’t Want a Divorce

Life often throws you a curve ball.  When that curve ball comes in the form of a divorce, you may be stunned, hurt and angry.  Then you decide that a divorce is not really what you want for you or your family.  There are ways you can stop your divorce from happening.

Seek Professional Help

A marriage counselor is trained to listen to your needs as a couple and give advice on what problems they see and how you can fix them.  You may need to attend sessions with a counselor for weeks or even months before you can fix all of your problems.  Marriage counselors usually charge a fee that is not covered by insurance, so it can be costly, but not as costly as divorce lawyers.

Priests and ministers are also trained as counselors, but not specifically in marriages.  They can listen and offer advice, and give guidance, but you may still want to seek a marriage counselor if you have reached the divorce process.

Stop Bad Behaviors

With any type of divorce, there is a reason for it.  For one party to want a divorce, there must have been a behavior, an action or some type of event that led things to get to the divorce process.  That behavior needs to be identified and stopped in order to stop your divorce.  Seeking the help of a marriage counselor can define exactly what that behavior is quickly.


Often times, both parties are guilty of one or more actions that cause the breakdown of the marriage.  When this is the case, all of the actions need to be identified and a remedy for eliminating them needs to be discussed.  Does you husband stay out too late with his friends after work?  Limit the time that they go out to once a week.  Does your wife spend too much on scrapbooking supplies?  Set a budget for her to stick to each month.  Reach compromises that are workable and fixable for both sides.


Be open and honest through the whole process.  Keeping your thoughts and feelings inside isn’t doing anybody any justice.  If they don’t know what’s wrong, it can’t be fixed.  If you truly want your marriage to work, it will take work.