Sexy young things

Sexy daughter
Photo Credit: Rolands Lakis

In today’s modern world, everything seems to be in a faster pace.

Looking sexy included.

No doubt, girls want to look sexy and now at a younger age.

As young as six, they want to look pretty and sexy: make-up, mini-skirt, and other provocative clothing that you would never imagine.

Also I have heard a case in which a young girl wanted to skip meals to look skinny.


I know.

You can’t blame these SYTs.

Everywhere you go, skinny, sexy girls don the covers of magazines, signboards, TV, and the Internet.

To them, that’s the definition of being fit in and getting acceptance from peers.

That’s the definition of beauty.

That’s the definition of success.

(Okay, maybe they are just too young to understand what success means to them but…)

Avoiding the negative elements of media is not a smart thing to do. In fact, it’s near impossible.

Teaching and guiding your daughter on what matters most is what every parent can do.

Let them know being sexy is not what’s in your closet but what’s between your ears.

Stop the media from taking over your role if you don’t want your 6-year turn into Lady Gaga… dressing wise.

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