Profile of Ruth Liew

Ruth LiewRuth Liew is popularly known as a columnist on parenting and child care in the local national daily, The Star. She has been advising and writing about parenting and child care for 14 years, earning her a vast following of readers.

Ruth Liew’s Background

She is a US-trained Child Developmentalist with over two decades of working experience in the field of Early Childhood Care and Education and parenting. Ruth has been actively participating in advocacy work on children’s issues such as quality child care and children’s rights. She has presented many papers and talks on children’s rights and positive parenting both in Malaysia and other countries. Ruth works as a consultant and trainer in teacher and parent education.

Her Books

Ruth has published 4 books, Fun Cooking For Under 6 (co-author, Dr. Gwen Smith), Parenting Toddlers, Parenting Preschoolers and Imagine That! She has contributed to many parenting magazines, television and radio shows and early childhood education journal. She is passionate about children’s right to play and literacy development.

A mother of two pre-teen girls, Ruth volunteers as a speaker and trainer for Personal Safety For Children, Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Peace Education.

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