Photos That Touch Your Heart

We always take things for granted. We only appreciate things when we lose them.

Before sleep, I always show my gratitude in silence for another day that is granted to me. I thank for the things that I have. Especially my wife and two kids, my health and wealth.

I do my best to focus on what I have rather than what I don’t have.

If you think you’re the worst person ever live on Earth, think again. There’s always something that you can feel grateful for. There’s always someone out there whose situation is worse than yours.

Seeing is believing.

Check out these photos and let me know if you don’t feel better off than them.

There are 10 of them:

Photo 1: Together, through Warm and Cold
Photo 2: Love
Photo 3: Grandpas’ Tears
Photo 4: Amidst Rain and Wind
Photo 5: Old Man Crying
Photo 6: Mothers’ Love
Photo 7: Coal Carrier
Photo 8: I want to go to school
Photo 9: Care for those forgotten
Photo 10: Spirit to live