The Curious Case of an Overworked Mother

Stressful Mother
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My friend related her concern to me one day.

“I am so worked up getting ready in the morning,” as she told me recently.

She is a working mother and has a preschooler.

Every week day, she has to get herself ready for work and get her daughter ready for school.

Since this is what almost every working parent does, I was curious to find out the cause of her challenge as she only has one child as old as K.

What makes her so overworked?

Should be pretty easy to handle, right? I thought.

I speculated that her husband was the cause. You know the usual problem of getting the man to involve in the running of the household.

Not until recently I got the answer when they came over for a stay with us.

As I see her taking care of her daughter every morning before work – first hand, I can see the answer why she overworks loud and clear.

Here’s what I observe:

The mother is the cause of the problem. She doesn’t let the child get ready for school by herself. She does everything for the daughter (except brushing teeth): from bathing to clothing her.

In fact, the overworked mother could let her daughter do some of the chores on her own. But the mother just can’t let go.

If she does, she will have more time for herself getting ready for office and she doesn’t need to rush around the house like a mad scientist with the butt on fire.

Imagine how much less stressful your life might be when you train your child to be more independent rather than dependent.

I admit it’s not easy. But it can be done.

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The Nonconformist’s Guide to Parenting

Mark my words. Having responsible and independent children has its benefits.