LV moms can’t afford parenting books

Whenever parents ask me to recommend a parenting book to them, I will point them to, without fail, the same book – “How to Talk So Kids Will Listen.”

(By the way, the book is 30 years old and it’s STILL relevant until today. In case you are interested, here’s our How to Talk So Kids Will Listen review.)

Some say, “Books are expensive. I can’t afford them.”

Mind you, these are not mothers who live below poverty line. By any chance, they could own more than 3 Louis Vuitton handbags in their collection!

If they don’t, they have no qualms about getting the latest model of iPhone, iPad, or their favorite DSLR camera. They don’t have uneasy feelings and they don’t feel guilty when they buy this.

But when it comes to parenting books, they have the guts to tell you they can’t afford it.

Listen up. I am NOT saying they must read books to be better parents OR mothers can’t buy Elwee bags.

What I am saying is they have to get their priority right.

Here you are complaining about the problems you have with your child, and when presented with a possible solution, you try to find excuses to ignore it and look elsewhere.

It might sound amusing. Some parents pay top dollars for just anything but they are not willing to pay for a book (that teaches them to be a better parent or person) that only costs a small fraction of a designer bag. That money can’t even buy you an LV zipper, if it has got one.

Whatever it is, what they are telling me is: Overcoming parenting challenges has lower priority than their fashion accessories.

I am fine if you’d like to put parenting at the bottom of your list but don’t keep grumbling about your misbehaved son and do nothing about it.

You can’t go over the problem. You can’t go under it. But you’ve got to go through it.

By the way, are you one of them?

If you are NOT and you have got the priority RIGHT, you might want to check out my new book “The Uncensored Guide to Parenting.”

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I promise it won’t cost you an arm and a leg… or even an Elwee bag.