Love is a Four Letter Word

Photo Credit: Jackie

“Love Is a Four Letter Word” is the title of Jason Mraz’s fourth studio album.

It was launched less than a month ago.

(BTW, I love “I Won’t Give Up” and “The Freedom Song” from this album.)

I was first attracted to Jason when I heard on the radio his song “I’m Yours.”

His songs are inspiring, light, upbeat, and easy-going.

Love ‘em!

But for now, let’s talk about the four letter word.

In fact, L-O-V-E is more than a four letter word.

Do you know love means different thing to different people?

If you use your definition of love onto your child, he might not get it. Because his love language is different from yours.

This is what I mean: If you buy a present thinking that your child will get the feeling that you love him, you might be in for a shock.

Before you start showering your love to your child, you must find out his LOVE language.

LOVE is a four letter word… and it has five types of languages:

1. Acts of service

2. Words of affirmation

3. Getting gifts

4. Physical touch

5. Quality time

For a normal person, he can have multiple love languages. But there’s only one that is dominant. That is the primary love language.

(For the record, I didn’t invent this. Credit has to be given when it’s due. The 5 love languages are developed by famous marriage and family expert Dr. Gary Chapman.)

How do you know what makes your child tick?


Just ask him what his primary love language is. That’s it.

When you want to show your love and you want your child to feel appreciated and loved, focus on his primary love language.

For example, if your child’s primary love language is physical touch, he will be happy just by giving him a hug or a loving touch. (No presents needed. Isn’t that cool?)

My wife asked the same question to J and K.

For J, her primary love language is quality time, followed by receiving gifts and acts of service.

And for K, his primary love languages are quality time and physical touch.

Find out your child’s primary love language and you’ll never have to give love without being appreciated.

However, there’s a fine line between the four letter word and spoiling your child. Learn about the difference of the two at: