How to Best Engage a Divorce Lawyer

When a marriage has broken down, divorce is often inevitable and a divorce lawyer needs to be found; some guidelines on what to look for are listed below:

  • Skilled in this area of law
  • Have the right disposition
  • Be trustworthy

The best attorney to employ is one who, for at least half their time, is dealing with divorce cases and is fully skilled in mediation techniques. It also follows that you feel comfortable with them and feel confident they will serve you well.

Attorneys that tend to follow the mediation route are good at giving settlement advice but you may need an attorney who is more familiar with courtroom settlements. Your divorce lawyer will be able to help with some aspects but there will be things only you can do so think carefully about what you need explained before you contact them.

Whether you intend to see them or speak on the phone, write everything down as this is the most efficient way to utilize your legal representative and keep a record of dates and times you spoke with them. Physical meetings will cost more so if an item can be dealt with by mail or on the phone this will save money.

Your divorce attorney is just a resource for legal matters so do not try to get them personally involved as that is not their function; if you need emotional support there are others who can help with this. Unless you actually want your divorce lawyer to do something about your spouse’s behavior or actions, do not use them for general complaints as it is costly and probably won’t achieve anything.

Remember to stay focused and in control and ensure your lawyer can work with you happily under these circumstances. If they are there purely to act in accordance with the legal issue of divorce it will be more efficient utilization of their services and you will be making the decisions. As the person paying for their service, you should expect to be sent copies of any relevant documents and if there are any issues that need to be clarified that a prompt response by them is expected.

Don’t think that you have to enter into proceedings armed with a lawyer in tow as they aren’t always necessary although you may wish to speak to one just for advice on a marital settlement for example. For someone taking this route, it is only important that you approach a lawyer to have certain aspects explained once you have carried out you own research. You may decide to have a divorce lawyer help with your marital settlement agreement, either to draft one or just to check over one you have made yourself then contact them if you get stuck or confused.


14 Divorce Tips from California Divorce Attorney, Stacy Phillips