Chinese Book 生命密码 Giveaway

I recently came across a Chinese book at my organic shop.

The book is given away free. In fact, I was attracted by the title of the book.

I took it home and read it. Shockingly, unlike other books I found in the same way, I resonated well with the book.

My wife read it. And she liked it too.

The book is uncopyrighted and it’s written by a Taiwanese author.

It is about life: how to live a simple life with peace, bliss, and freedom. Free from anger and resentment.

The title of the book is called “The Mystery of Life” or 生命密码.

The book touches generally on all religions though it has a slight bias towards Buddhism. All in all, the book is a handbook of life – the result of studies of all religions by the author.

I like the book so much that I called up the printer and offered to sponsor more copies of the book for free distribution.

Just as how someone sponsored the printing of the book that ended up in my hand, I wanted to do the same too – to help spread the truth and wisdom about life.

You’re in luck today.

I just received my order yesterday. And I want to give you a copy of the book – at no costs.

If you are interested in having a copy, contact us with your name and postal address.

However, I can only accept Malaysian addresses due to higher delivery fees and time constraint.

I apologize if the offer is not available to you.

The offer is valid only while stocks last.