Child Anger Revealed: Your Ultimate Guide to Child Anger Management

Do you have problems managing your child’s anger? Or does your child get angry easily?

This might be the solution you are looking for: Child Anger Revealed, which is a child anger management guide written by Jamie Sullivan. As the title says this guide talks in-depth about how to teach your child manage anger.

Jamie has a knack for explaining complicated matters (to me studying human psychology bores me to death with its hard-to-digest terminology) in a simple and easy-to-follow format.

Check out my Child Anger Revealed review and see what it has to offer.

What Topics Are Covered in “Child Anger Revealed?”

Though the guide is small in comparison with other parenting books, no topics about child anger that you need to know is left out in Child Anger Revealed.

The ebook is divided into 14 chapters. All related to subjects of how you can teach your kids manage their anger effectively.

Here is the breakdown:

  1. Child Anger Management – An Overview
  2. What is Anger?
  3. Why Is Child Anger Management Really Important?
  4. Possible Causes of Anger in Children
  5. How Can You Help Your Child Manage Anger?
  6. How to Teach Anger Management to Your Child
  7. Caring for Every Child’s Mental Health
  8. A Five-Step Child Anger Management Plan
  9. How to Help Your Child Manage Stress
  10. Child Anger Management Techniques
  11. 5 Tips to Help Your Child Learn Self-Control & Stay Calm
  12. Keeping Your Cool – No More Yelling
  13. What Is The Right Way of Disciplining Your Child?
  14. Personal Message From Jamie

child-anger-revealead-bookcoversmall.jpgAs you can see, Jamie has pretty much covered what you really need to know about this tricky subject in her book: from causes of child anger and ways of teaching your child handle anger to helping your child manage stress.

Jamie believes that it is better for parents to deal with child anger now than later. The earlier, the better – as it tends to get harder to manage child anger when your child is older.

I can’t agree more with her when she says, “The best way to deal with anger in children is to understand that anger is not a bad emotion. It is only a feeling which arises within themselves, often to avenge something, which they feel is wrong, or not going by their way.”

Simply a perfect statement!

What Works for Me in the Guide

However this may not be applicable to you.

Frankly, my two children are still “under control” when it comes to anger management. No untoward incidents happened so far and they are not like getting angry every 5 seconds.

Admittedly, the real problem lies not in the kids but me. I tend to get angry easily. I am so grateful that Jamie has included a very important chapter in her book. You can find it in Chapter 12 which she has aptly called “Keeping Your Cool – No More Yelling”

When I first read the book, this chapter drew me in. I might have known some of the 5 techniques mentioned in the book, but reading again about how to keep my anger in check is a great reminder to me. And it does help me to become a more patient father.

Another part that I enjoy is a chapter on 5 child anger management techniques. These short, simple tips are easy to teach to your child on how he can manage his anger without hurting anyone. Nothing complicated here.

Lastly, one important chapter that I want to highlight here is helping your child manage stress. Again, the author has outlined 5 tips you can do to help your child reduce and manage stress. I personally feel that tips #2 and #4 are of higher significance.

Why You Should Consider Buying “Child Anger Revealed” Now

If you have a short-tempered child and you want to bring back peace and harmony to your family, you must seriously consider purchasing it now. Besides the benefits I mentioned above, there are a few extra goodies Jamie has thrown in to make the deal even more value for money.

  • The Price – The guide sells for $47. As of writing, there is a promotion going on. If you get the book now, you only need to pay $27. It is not said on the website for how long the special price will last. But I advise you to get the book now before Jamie reverts to its usual price of $47.
  • Guarantee – Your purchase is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee. After the purchase, if you find the book is not what you expected, ask for a hassle-free full refund.
  • Bonuses – The guide comes with 3+1 bonuses. Needless to say, I especially like the extra bonus which entitled Child Anger Management Tips Report – How to Deal With Your Angry Child Using Powerful Tips and Techniques That Works!. It has given me more techniques on managing my own anger when parenting my two children.

To have a feel of the kind of content the ebook offers, take a look at one section of Child Anger Revealed – which I have permission to reprint it on the website. By reading it, it can help you to know if this guide is what you are looking for.

Closing Thoughts

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the guide. It has certainly delivered what it promises: teaching parents how to manage child anger – even before it begins.

Except for one thing though. I feel that the book would have been better if the author had elaborated more on some of the points in finer details and included more practical examples for parents to follow through. Having said that, there are not many that fall under this category. Only a handful are not sufficiently explained.

Nonetheless, I am very happy with this book. Another plus for this book is it is written in simple, plain English. Hence, it takes away the jargon and makes a complicated subject easy-to-understand for simple-minded parents like me. Plus, the book has nothing but straight-to-the-point content – no fluff, no sugar-coating, no beating around the bushes.

This might be why when you visit her website, you can’t help but notice tons of rave reviews from her readers.

Before I go, I would like to share with you one of Jamie’s parting words in the book: “The best way of instilling discipline is to get the message across through your love and affection. You can set limits for their actions and overriding limits makes them rueful of their behavior.”

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