Batman Stopped by Police

Photo Credit: Rafa Garcés

Batman was pulled over by the police.

What has got the Dark Knight into trouble?

No license plate.

In fact, he did have the plate but it was Batman emblem.

That’s WHAT got the superhero into problem.

In case you are wondering: No, this is not a scene from the upcoming Batman movie.

This is a real life scene and it happened in the US recently.

This man is real!

Not only did he have a Batman plate, the driver was dressed in full body Batman costume that looked exactly the same as what we saw in movies.

For a moment, you’d have thought he IS Batman. He looks real.

Since he’s a superhero, he didn’t get the ticket but a friendly warning from the police on duty.

There’s a reason to it though.

The man is not Bruce Wayne but Lenny B. Robinson.

(His middle name is Batman, obviously.)

His Batmobile is a black Lamborghini.

But why did he dress like Batman and drive Batmobile openly?

Because he wanted to go to the hospital to entertain children, especially those who suffer from cancer.

Besides entertaining kids in Batman suit (which he spent $5,000 on), he also gives out Batman toys and memorabilia to every child he bumps into at the hospital.

All in the name of charity… in the name of making sick children happy.

And guess what, he’s been doing this since 2001.

Not to mention the money he has spent, Lenny the Batman takes extra effort to make sick children laugh even though they are not his own kids.

(BTW, Lenny the Batman has a teenage son and his name is Brandon, who sometimes plays Robin to accompany his dad on his hospital rounds.)

I have to say this: His act is commendable.

Every parent should emulate his action.

No. I am not asking you to wear like Batman and drive a Lambo.

What I mean is parents should at least spend some time with their child every day.

However busy you are, allocate some time for your kid. And do something together. And laugh together.

Lenny the Batman has put many parents to shame – parents who are busy making the moolah and forget about the family.

There are many more ideas how you can bond with your child in my upcoming book called “The Nonconformist’s Guide to Parenting.”

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P.S. BTW, he’s now working on his “real” Batmobile that costs him $250,000. It’s going to be ready soon.