Why I wrote “The Nonconformist’s Guide to Parenting”

Straight up, here are the reasons:

I wrote it because I want to preserve my writings, thoughts, and experiences.

Plus, in book form, it’s easier to read and the info is more organized. Not to mention you can read it anywhere, anytime.

In fact, there’s another reason I wrote the book.

Let’s call it the UNOFFICIAL reason. In fact I didn’t want to talk about this. It makes me look un-macho.

But I appreciate you becoming my subscriber and I want to be as transparent as possible with you.

To begin with, I was sort of lazy and I had no intention to write this book.

But things always happen when you least expect them. And one incident happened last year that made me sit up and think of a solution to the problem I faced.

If you are a long time subscriber, you might know that I used to slap some Google ads on my website.

It was my main source of income for my site until Google banned my account. It said I did something which violated its terms.

You see when you deal with a gigantic company like Google, you don’t have the say. I am very sure I didn’t do anything funny that breached the terms but even after I appealed, Google insisted that I was at fault.

Guess what? You are at the mercy of the Internet giant.

My Adsense account is banned for LIFE. That’s how bad (and cruel) Google is. Just in one day, the income from the site became zero.

Let’s not talk and rant about the big G. After all we can’t change anything. We have to look forward.

With my biggest source of income disappearing into the thin air faster than a Concorde, I had to figure out a way to help sustain my website. I need to find money to make sure PW stay afloat.

With no income, that means I have to spend my own money to pay for the running costs of the website.

If I ran into deficit, I would have no choice but to shut down the site.

Which I don’t want to, of course. If that happens, it will be the last resort – after exhausting other routes.

Then the idea of writing a book struck me. In fact, the idea was there long time ago. I was too lazy to write the book.

But now, since I was slapped by Google, I had no choice but to re-look into the idea of writing a book.

No more excuses. I had to get back to work!

On the positive side, I have more control with my own products. I dictate most of the terms.

To leave no back door for me and I was worried I was not disciplined enough to churn out the book, I emailed and announced to you that I would write a book at the beginning of this year – even I had not started it.

This is to lock myself in a situation where there’s no return. I had to bite my lip and do it.

Fortunately, I persevered and completed the book.

I’m happy to tell you that the long wait is over. The book is ready and it will be launched tomorrow. Hooray!

The book will be available in ebook format. I like ebooks because they are environmental-friendly (no ink and papers required) and no delivery costs. Ebook can be downloaded instantly, hence no wait time.

You might ask, “Will the book in print format?”

Yes, but not so soon.

I have not done print version before but I want to give it a try. When “The Nonconformists’ Guide to Parenting” is available in print, I will let you know. My target is 6 months.

What about Kindle?

This I am not quite sure. I might or might not do it. Even though I do, it will be after the print version.

So this is roughly the story of The Making of “The Nonconformist’s Guide to Parenting.”

With that, I hope you can lend me a hand in helping me to keep the website stay alive by supporting my book.

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So watch out for it.

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You decide the amount. No amount is too small. Any amount is welcome and appreciated.

I thank you in advance for your readership and support.

Now that I’ve told you the “truth,” I feel extremely relieved.