What Parenting is Not

What parenting is not
Photo Credit: Cia de Foto

There’s so much confusion.

Everybody is chasing their own tail and not sure what they are doing.

Yes I am talking about parenting.

They think what they are doing is parenting but actually it’s not.

Here are a few examples of what parenting is not:

1. Parenting is not about solving every problem of your child – on his behalf.

2. Parenting is not about getting the latest toys and fashion.

3. Parenting is not about sending your child to as many classes as possible.

4. Parenting is not about outsourcing to others (and yes that includes iPad, computer, TV, and even your mom or dad).

5. Parenting is not about substituting your time with presents.

6. Parenting is not about pleasing your child unnecessarily.

7. Parenting is not about asking your child to get as many A’s as possible.

8. Parenting is not about asking your child to turn YOUR dreams into reality.

This list is just a fraction of what could easily be a longer list which is impossible for me to list down all.

I know you’ll ask:

You have so many examples of what parenting is not. But what is parenting then?

Good question. And now I got you thinking.

This is where most parents get wrong. Or they are confused with what is and what is not.

In fact, when I was in the process of writing my book one day, the idea just hit me like lightning and I quickly wrote that down.

I call it the ultimate goal of parenting.

If you have bought my book “The Nonconformist’s Guide to Parenting,” then you’d have read about it.

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Having the right mindset about parenting is like removing invisible one-ton baggage off your shoulders.

It’s relieving.

It’s liberating.

It’s empowering.