What Makes a Great Father

I might be wrong but I always have the feeling that in the virtual world, moms are more outspoken than dads. You always see more blogs and websites by moms than dads.

Anyway, I’m excited that there are more dads writing about being a better dad online nowadays.

Aaron is one of them. He writes “31 Days To Becoming A Better Dad” this month.

An easy to read daily nugget. You’re invited to participate in the discussion to share your thoughts too.

As of today, it’s in the 16th instalment.

Day 1 – Be Good To Your Child’s Mom

Day 2 – Teach Your Kids Self-Esteem

Day 3 – Be Good To Yourself

Day 4 – Protect Your Children

Day 5 – Learn New Things

Day 6 – Be Their Biggest Fan

Day 7 – Always Be Supportive

Day 8 – Say No…In Moderation

Day 9 – Show Your Emotions

Day 10 – Spend Time With Your Children

Day 11 – Discipline With Love

Day 12 – Establish Routines

Day 13 – Learn From Your Childhood

Day 14 – Be Charitable

Day 15 – Encourage Your Kids To Follow Their Dreams

Day 16 – Put Your Children First

Remember to visit Aaron’s blog for future updates on this series.

Next up is a blogger I admire. He has written a guest post on PW on quit smoking. His name is Leo Babauta.

A while back, he has a wildly popular article on How to be a Great Dad – 12 Awesome Tips. Go read it now.

Enjoy and a toast to a better dad!