What if the majority is wrong

I have to get something off my chest today.

I know I have mentioned this many times before. But I still want to do it.

One friend found it hard to contain her excitement as she managed to buy milk formula at a deep discount. She probably bought more than 10 tins.

She was happy on two counts: the savings and the formula she bought was one of the “best” brands available on the market.

It’s good for her 6-year old daughter. And she has got the ticket to health… or so she thinks.

Out of kindness, she offered a few tins to my wife. My wife turned it down politely. And mentioned lightly that J and K don’t take milk powder anymore. Instead they drink almond milk.

Our friend blushed and gave us the funny and I-don’t-believe-you-are-doing-the-right-thing kind of look.

She was like saying in silence: “How can you do this to your children? Milk formula is the best thing invented since sliced bread!”

I know many people are thinking along the same line. The majority share the same opinion about health and nutrition.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not your fault if you are one of them.

It all traces back to how we were brought up and the influence media have on us.

Now get this: Not everything reported in the media is true. And what the majority think is not always right.

One good example is how we should eat.

If you think milk formula is the best source of nutrition for kids, what happened to children in the past before formula was invented? Where did children of the past get their daily dose of macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals?

I have only ONE rule regarding healthy eating: eat whole foods and as natural as possible. Avoid processed foods.

Need examples?

Potato is, potato chip is not.

Sweet corn is, popcorn is not.

Chicken is, patty is not.

Walnut is, donut is not.

Put it simply, anything that is given by Nature without additional processing is good.

I don’t care the majority think how good it is, milk formula fails miserably on Abel’s Qualification as healthy food.

For a complete list of healthy foods I use for the family, check out The Nonconformist’s Guide to Parenting.

We can’t be happier since we “departed” from the majority diet 1.5 years ago.

To see if you want to be part of the minority diet, go to: