I am UNSEXY and I know it

Photo Credit: fPat Murray

It’s true. I’m not lying.

If you bump into me, I am just a regular guy with uncombed hair clad in T-shirt and shorts.

Sometimes, the shirt is even torn. Or with missing buttons.

I am not sure about you but worn-out clothes are the most comfortable thing in the world.

And I walk in a pair of beach slippers.

My underwear?

Of course I wear one but without someone’s name printed on it with big, bold letters. And I don’t purposely wear baggy pants and expose the brand of the underwear to others – like most people do.

I told you I am not sexy and I know it.

That’s my appearance.

But what about my parenting style?

It’s the same. It’s far from sexy.

Many friends and people who know me think how I parent J and K is very unsexy.

They feel I am too extreme.

They think I am not buying enough toys for my kids.

They think I give them too little freedom.

They are uneasy because I insist on saying no even though that makes the kids cry.

In short, they can’t find a tinge of glamour in what I do as a parent.

But seriously, do I care what they think of me?

Heck no!

Not one bit that I care whether I am sexy or otherwise.

Because in the “unsexiness,” I strongly believe that I am on the right track to raise my two little children.

Who cares about looking sexy anyway?

What others think of you is not important. Doing the right things IS.

Doing the right things to bring up children who…

  • can take care of themselves
  • appreciate what they have rather than what they don’t have
  • are well-behaved
  • are happy even with the tiniest things
  • are healthy

… is more important than anything.

Should I strike a chord with you, I welcome you to read more about how I use unsexy ways to bring up sexy children.

More details at:

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