The Song That Summarizes What I Want My Children to Learn

This is a very touching song. My heart is filled with love and warmth every time I listen to it.

The song was introduced to me by a friend.

When I first heard this song I was mesmerized by the remarkable tune of the song. And when I tried to appreciate the words of the song, it conveyed some very powerful messages a child needed to learn.

It’s not easy to find a song that has excellent music as well as the lyrics. This particular song fits the criteria perfectly.

Recently J’s piano teacher taught her the song and asked the class to sing along.  And I find this song is too great to miss… and I will regret if I do not share it with you.

This is a Chinese song from Taiwan. It is the theme song of a TV series. The main message of the song is children must learn to be on their own. Sooner or later parents (or adults for that matter) have to let go of their children and the best way for the children to do so is to teach them to listen to their heart whenever they are in doubt. Most of all, children must realize that the parents are always there for them when they need them.

I apologize if you don’t understand Mandarin or Chinese. But fret not, I have prepared the English translation of the lyrics (see below) – so you can get the meaning of the song. Though I am not a good translator, I guess all important points are there.

The title of the song is 路要自己走 (You Have to Walk Your Own Path). I hope you will like the song as much as I do.


路要自己走(一閃一閃亮晶晶 主題曲)

詞/曲/編曲/製作人:吳嘉祥    演唱:秀蘭瑪雅

我知道對你來說 這世界有一點複雜
我知道你肯付出 卻不懂該如何表達
我知道你不喜歡 成人世界的偽裝
我知道關於未來 你有自己的想法

我會牽著你的手 但是路要自己走
面對選擇的時候 聽聽心底寧靜的角落
有一天我會放手 因為路要自己走
失去方向的時候 記得抬頭仰望 清澈的天空


You Have to Walk Your Own Path

I know the world is a little complicated for you
I know you are willing to contribute but don’t know how
I know you don’t like the pretense of the grown-ups
I know you have your own thinking about the future
There is a reason for the existence of everything
No one has the right to give up on himself

I will hold your hands but you have to walk your path
When you are faced with a decision, listen to the quiet corner of your heart
One day I will let go of you because you have to walk your own path
When you are at a crossroads, remember to lift up your head and look at the sky