The Crazy Life Race Starts in School

Photo Credit: alamosbasement

J turned her head.

She heard a reply, “Don’t copy my answers.”

J was not looking for answers. She wanted something else. She wanted to ask her classmate something.

Her classmate (let’s call her Serena for convenience’s sake) who is sitting behind her was too quick to jump into conclusion that J was trying to “steal” her answers.

When this happened, it’s not exam time. Just on a normal school day.

For the record, this situation happens more than once.

Children are pure and they know what feels right and what feels wrong.

And every time this happens, it irks J.

That’s how I found out when I asked J to invite her top student friend to join us for some activities.

J’s reply was: “I don’t feel like inviting her.”

Being a top student in class is awesome. But being a selfish, insecure, and paranoid top student is not.

I believe we are all born loving, caring, and generous. That’s our nature.

Somehow, after we grow up, we are brought up to deviate from these core values by parents, friends, TV, and the environment.

I don’t know how 9-year old Serena got her insecurity and being fearful of people copying her answers. I hope it’s not from the parents.

If we teach our children to grow into competitive and self-centered beings, they will have a hard time finding happiness and peace in life (Can you show me a happy self-centered person?). And our dream of having a loving and caring planet remains a dream.

Instead we must teach them to be caring, loving, placing others above self. Instead of being selfish, share what we know and have (without expecting anything in return.) Instead of being competitive, be co-operative.

Wake up, parents! You have an important role to play. I hope you are not contributing to more Serenas.

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