Sh*t My Dad Does

My Dad is Sh*t
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Be quiet.

After making our daddy sleep by forcing him to watch the 112th time rerun of a Spongebob series, we took over the computer and wrote this article to you.

I know you always receive emails from our daddy, Abel Cheng. And he always says how good a father he is.

Enough is enough. Things may not what you think of him. We don’t want him to mislead you further.

That’s why we hijack his computer and write you this post.

In fact, there are many things you don’t know about my daddy. Since we live with him, I can tell you things that my daddy could have hidden from you.

Here are some of them – sh*t our daddy does:

  • He gets very very angry if we don’t answer his questions instantly.
  • He makes us make the bed.
  • He prepares salad for dinner.
  • He doesn’t allow us to play with mobile phone or iPad at dinner.
  • He pulls his hair or plays with a bunch when he is reading.
  • He loves pulling out his grey hair whenever he is in front of a mirror.
  • Although he always talks about healthy eating, he does brings us out sometimes for “teh tarik” and “roti canai”. And also “cendol”. (Not that we are complaining.)
  • He is very short-tempered and screams at us when he’s upset.
  • He often says “sh*t” when things don’t go his way. Eg: When he’s caught in the traffic jam.

We hope you will have a “true” picture of our daddy by now.

However, to be fair, nobody is purrfect.

We know that our daddy is working real hard on becoming a better father.

And he wrote down what he has learned in a book called “The Nonconformist’s Guide to Parenting.”

We are very grateful that he does not raise us as what most parents do.

It’s true sometimes we don’t like some of the things he does. But we know that it’s for our own good… especially when we grow up into adults.

So please check out our daddy’s book if you want to raise your child like our daddy does.

For more info, roll over to:

If you find the book helpful and your wallet has the money, please consider buying the book. We will be grateful.

It’s not easy to become a self-publisher. Our daddy needs all the support he can get.

Oh no, we really have to go. It seems that our daddy has realized something fishy is going on.

Talk to you soon, uncles and aunties.

J and K