Play to strengths

Golf Joke
Photo Credit: David

Since today is Friday, let’s not be too serious.

Why not I tell you a joke. I read about it in Reader’s Digest (yep, no iPad) while waiting for J and K to finish their classes recently.

Roughly, the joke goes like this:

Tiger Woods meets up with Stevie Wonder. Stevie says to Tiger, “I do play golf.”

The blind singer goes on, “I ask my caddy to yell from the green. My sharp sense of hearing guides me where I shall hit the ball to.”

Later, Stevie challenges Tiger for a round of golf for $100,000.

Though he is skeptical of what Stevie says but Tiger thinks this is the easiest 100 grand he can ever pocket. He accepts Stevie’s challenge and asks, “When do you want to play?”

Stevie shrugs, “Pick any night.”

Although it’s just only a joke but we can learn a very important lesson from it.

If you want your child to excel in any field, play to his strengths.

Don’t fool yourself into believing that he can be a champion in any field. Pick a field (some children have more) in which he has the strength and nurture him.

Drowning him in every class you can imagine is not the most practical way to do this.

If he’s not playing to the strengths, no matter how hard he works, your child still can’t be the best.

That would be like Stevie Wonder playing golf with Tiger Woods in day time.

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