One Essential Skill I Want My Children to Learn

Essential Skills
Photo Credit: Martin Terber

One of the many skills I want my children to learn which is essential in life is social interaction.

In today’s high tech world, face-to-face interaction has become a rare commodity. Youngsters now know only how to interact via the Internet (FB, chatting, Skype, etc).

But when it comes to face-to-face communication, they are stuck. They are lost for words.

Some of them can’t even speak one complete sentence, let alone express themselves properly.

They speak as though they are texting:

“c u 2nite”

“hv a gr8 day!”


One of the ways for the child to learn about human relationships is to simply let him mingle with REAL humans – not via tech gadgets.

Let him play REAL games, not online games or computer games.

Let him do REAL activities such as hiking, not having a virtual tour to Second Life.

So that the child can relate, respect, compromise, empathize, negotiate, discuss, brainstorm, or even influence people. Having a child who lives in his own world without connecting with the rest of the world is very dangerous… because no man is an island and we are all connected.

Human relationship is one of the skills I definitely want my children to learn.

Besides this one, there are 8 other essential skills.

I have listed and compiled them all in my upcoming book “The Nonconformist’s Guide to Parenting.”

Anyway, after long anticipation, the book will be launched this Thursday.

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