Mother’s Day 2009 – A Belated Wish From My Daughter

I know I know the buzz of Mother’s Day has passed… exactly a week ago. But good things should never end, especially when it comes from a young 6-year old.

As they say, “It’ better late than never.” My daughter painted a Mother’s Day card for her mom last Friday in school. When I first looked at J’s card, I was stunned.

What a masterpiece!

Her work really caught my eye and my first thought was this should be sent to Hallmark for printing. And we can start collecting royalty fees…

I might be a bit biased but when you take a look at the card later, you might want to agree with me.

Of course, showing off my daughter’s drawing skills is not the only purpose of this post. I would like to take this opportunity to wish every mother on this planet a belated…


Because of you, the world is warmer, better, and full of hopes.

Now here is J’s Mother’s Day card that I told you about… and this is for you too. Enjoy!

© 2009 J and All rights reserved.

Do you know what the six hearts represent?

They are grandpa, grandma, daddy, mommy, K, and finally J. And the biggest heart is for Mommy! (Our recent Melbourne trip really fostered a closer tie between the grandparents and the kids. So close that J features two hearts in the card for grandparents.)