Mistakes Parents Make on First Day at School

First Day at School
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New school year started last week here.

Obviously many parents are busy when they send off their child to school for the first time.

From the crowds I see in front of the school, they are more nervous than the child.

They are not sure how their child handles in the new environment.

New friends. New teachers.

And worst of all, away from home and parents.

This is not only about kindergartens but also primary schools.

After sending off their child, the parents are worried and they stay back in school to “make sure” their child is doing fine.

But the challenge is you must not be seen by your child. So a game of hide-and-seek begins between the parent and the child.

Seriously, this is no joke. And no fun. I experienced it myself.

Your child cries. But you can’t go near him as you know very well this will make the situation even worse.

The only thing you can do is to peep through the window or behind a pillar.

But that doesn’t help either.

Funny thing is you are there to make sure thing is okay but you feel helpless because you can’t do it from a distance.

You can’t go near him because you know if you do, it’s harder for the child to adapt in the new school environment. You want him to be independent, not dependent on you.

Your stay turns out to be a heart-wrenching moment for you and your child.

Best thing to do?

So you think your presence in school would make things easier for your child is actually not what you think it is.

Then what can I do? You ask.


After sending your child off, go home or go to work straight. Don’t stay back. Don’t peep.

That’s it.

It makes things easy for everyone: you, the child, and the teachers.

It’s simple but I didn’t say it’s easy. It took me a while to learn the art of letting go and the feelings of wanting to stay.

As I look back, we tend to over-worry about things and we underestimate how flexible and adaptive a small kid can be. They can survive better than us in any situation.

Trust me, if you don’t stay back in school after sending off your child, he will be okay sooner than if you stay.

It’s not easy but you can do it.

If you can’t let go when your child goes to an enclosed and protected environment (ie: school), think what will happen when he goes out to the real world after he grows up.

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