Late Lunch at Sun Yuen Cheong Coffee Shop and Bakery

Wow! After checking out Casabrina, it was already 2.30pm.

J and K were complaining that they were hungry. We came prepared. My wife took out some snacks for them to stop the hunger pangs before we had “proper” lunch.

Since we were so behind for lunch, I decided to go straight to Raub town for a quick bite. According to my research note, there is a long established coffee shop cum bakery in Raub.

It took us about 30 minutes to drive to Raub from Bentong. It was raining quite heavily along Tras stretch. Once we reached Raub, we took a tour of the two-street gold mine town in search of Sun Yuen Cheong Coffee Shop.

The shop is located next to Hong Leong Bank on Main Road. The age of the shop is obviously shown from its fading façade and sign.

Don’t be misled by this unassuming shop, it unbelievable that despite its size, it offers a complete range of local Malaysian food – from kuey teow soup to nasi lemak, from chiffon cakes to roti bakar (toast bread). It makes me wonder how a shop (with no third party stalls) can handle so well with such a variety of food.

We ordered pan mee, wat tan hor, curry mee, and prawn mee. Overall the food is excellent though the prices are not cheap and they are comparable to KL’s prices – RM3.50 onwards.

Prawn Mee
Curry Mee
Pan Mee

Yummy. As you can see the servings are very generous.

Not only do they sell almost any local cuisine you can think of, they also sell bakery products. We couldn’t resist the freshness of chiffon cakes – which were kept in the display – that we bought one, each is sold at RM10.

(The next day, we thought of coming back here for lunch only to realize that the shop was closed. Guess it is not opened on Sundays.)

Note: This is the 4th article of A Family Road Trip to Pahang: Bentong, Raub, and Kuala Lipis series.

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