Low Sex Drive? Here’s How to Get it Back

Many men and women find that their sex drive starts to diminish as they get older. For women it can be that they just don’t enjoy sex as much or that it takes them longer to get into the mood. It may become harder to experience an orgasm. Men can suffer from impotence where they either can get or can’t maintain an erection to experience sexual satisfaction. These issues can be frustrating as well as embarrassing.

Medical Reasons?

It is important that you see a doctor to rule out any possible medical issues. Sometimes a particular prescription medication can affect your sex drive. For women, it can be their medication for blood pressure or medication that is affection their sex drive, so the medication may need to be changed. Your doctor can change the medication or alter the dosage to assist you with getting your sex drive back. If you are suffering from depression, it could be affecting your sex drive. Your doctor can prescribe medication to make your moods better and increase your sex drive.

Some medications are specifically designed to assist with a low sex drive. Viagra for men helps them get into the mood as well as assists with the ability to get and maintain an erection. There are various medications now available to help women increase their sex drive as well. Some of them are natural remedies and some are prescription drugs. Taking better care of yourself can increase your sex drive.

Proper Diet and Exercise

If you aren’t eating right or getting enough exercise then you may be feeling sluggish or ran down. You may have gained weight as well making you feel unattractive. Eating right will give you more energy so you can exercise without being tired. As you do so, that extra weight will start coming off. Avoid eating foods that are high in fat, carbohydrates, or sugars. Replace them with nutritious foods including fresh fruits and vegetables. Don’t skip meals as it can affect your blood sugar levels. Make sure you drink plenty of water to cleanse your body as well.

Get Creative

Try something new and exciting in the bedroom. This will help increase your sex drive. Or, maybe move things out of the bedroom. Having sex in a new location can be a huge turn on for both men and women. A romantic getaway vacation or even a nearby hotel can be exactly what you need to get yourself in the mood.


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