Have you lost control of your child?

One child throws tantrums a few times a day… every day.

Another steals things from school and tries to hide the incident from parents.

I don’t make this up. These are real stories… from parents.

It’s saddening to hear stories first hand from moms and dads that they lose control over how to teach children about behavior.

The parents are at the mercy of the child.

They are being manipulated and they are lost for ideas on how to teach the child the meaning of discipline.

They can’t control the child and they lose control of themselves.

Some are on the brink of giving up. They feel helplessly useless.

They don’t know what to do with the uncontrollable child and as a result, it has a negative impact on their lives and relationships with the spouse.

Worse, they feel it’s a mistake to have kids in their lives.

But hold on a sec, dude, there’s still hope… if the child’s discipline is taken care of, you can turn around it and life can be fulfilling even with children around.

In my view, the solution is easy: consequences.

We have to be firm and consistent in delivering consequences.

The child has to be taught that if he breaks a rule, he has to face the consequences.

But I am not talking about time-outs and punishment and the likes. (These will have negative repercussion in the long run).

Let the child experience the consequences is one way to put yourself back in the driver’s seat.

But here’s the thing…

If you don’t give consequences that are relevant to the misconduct, it won’t be effective. If you don’t give consequences that are uncomfortable enough to the child, he will not learn the lesson.

The key to discipline is this: deliver the appropriate consequences consistently.

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