How to Become the Best Single Parent

Here is a list of some helpful tips:

Accept the Situation

Let us face it, being a single parent is not an easy thing. With the myriad tasks to be done – plus the weight of the responsibilities they carry – these single parents putting their heart out just so they are able to bear such a heavy burden.

Some may be easily overwhelmed with the situation – and being unable to cope up, would lead one to possible breakdown.  Many have given up and were unable to surpass the obstacles of being a single parent.  If you give up now, consider yourself to be part of the statistics of being one of those who have failed to answer to the demands of being a lone parent.

Yes, you may have a valid excuse.  But beyond that, you should understand that it is not about having one.  It is not about failing – just because it was likely to be expected of someone of your circumstance.

One should go beyond the limitations and perceptions set by the people around.  Yes, it may feel as if the whole world is on your shoulder – it might feel that everything seems not to go your way – and that luck has completely abandoned you.  But this is not a reason for you to accept failure – failure should never be an option.

If there is something you should accept, it should only be the circumstance that you are in – but not failure because of the circumstance.  God has equipped you with everything you need to successfully get over the obstacles and problems He has placed in front of you.  Remember that your God will not subject you to difficulties you cannot handle.

So approach your life knowing you have what it takes to get over any obstacles along the way.  Know that with prayers and hard work, you can make things happen to your benefit.  Believe in yourself – and know that there is a Divine Being watching over you – making sure everything will be all right in the end.

Thus, accept your current circumstance.  Accept that you have limitations being a single parent. Accept that it will indeed be a hard path.  But never accept defeat. Have faith that everything will work out fine if you will not quit.

Proper Time Management

With  the many things you have to do, it is only right that you schedule your tasks so that the most important things get their proper attention.  You get to prioritize your activities according to its impact to you.

After having planned your schedule, you will then be able to assess the things you are doing – and whether these really need your full attention.  You learn to evaluate tasks – and question their necessity.  Anything not considered important should be taken out of your list of things to do.

Or better yet, you could hire a temporary help to do it for you.  You can then concentrate on the major things – and get them accomplished according to plan.  You then only have to follow-up on the not so important ones from those you delegated it to.

Proper time management helps you finish your tasks according to its importance.  If you should not finish all of your tasks, at least you finished the most important and critical ones.

It pays to make a list of the activities and tasks you have to do.  This will be your reference so that you will not forget any important thing to do.  It would even be better to sort out your list according to priority.

If you are one who is into tech stuff, it would be to your advantage to put it in your computer or in your digital assistant.  Take advantage of current technologies in your hands to make things easier for you.  Make your planning more efficient – and be reminded of schedules with your computer and other electronic communications devices.

Lead Effectively

Since you are the one and only parent in the home, it is your responsibility to lead your family. In terms of the principles in life to follow, you should be able to model it well so that your children will be guided accordingly.  And since you live by what you say, it will be easier for your teenagers to follow you.

Being the fine example of the values you want your children to follow, they will constantly look up to you and act according to what they usually see you do – given a particular circumstance and situation.

A family with only one parent around needs a leader to give them directions and guide them.  This may involve giving advices to your young ones in the many aspects of their lives.  The more they come up to you, the happier you should be.  This just goes to show that they trust you and consider you to be a parent who truly cares.

If your children are able to open up to you at anytime they want to, you must be doing something right.  It is now rare for teenagers to feel comfortable with opening up personal matters to their parents. So if your kids constantly confide to you, be happy about it.  And keep the relationship strong. Continue to bond with your kids and always let them know how much you love them.

Leading effectively also means being able to discipline your children when needed.  Though you love your children so much, you must understand that it is only normal for parents to discipline their young ones – even if they will hate you for it.  What is important is the lesson they will learn from all this.

While you would not want to unnecessarily create some gap with your children – you must still however act as a disciplinarian if you need to.  Especially when it involves matters of principles and values, you should really make it a point to teach your kids the lesson to be learned.

Be An Inspiration to Your Kids

To be able to succeed as a single parent, you must keep yourself composed and cool.  Though pressures come from many sides, you must not be carried away and become disarrayed in the process.  Keep your mind straight and focus on what is important.

Being able to think right even under the pressures of daily living being a single parent, will do a long way towards making the right decisions.  You will be able to come up with creative ways to get things done – and coming out of all these winning.

You will be considered a success in terms of being a single parent if you can inspire your kids to become the best they can be –  whether in school and getting good grades – or in life and becoming better human beings.

You should be a positive source of energy for them.  They should see you to be someone who looks at life positively – and someone who does not back down from any obstacles life puts in front of him.  You should be able to project yourself as a real person who does his best to succeed.

Yes, be an inspiration to your kids. Show them how wonderful life is, and how beautiful their life can be – if they just know how to open their eyes.  As has been said, the best things in life are free.

Show them the beauty of nature – and make them realize the wonders around.  Let them appreciate the fresh air, the sunrise and sunsets, the trees, animals and the astounding sceneries around.

Take good care of yourself

You can’t be the best single parent to your children if you don’t know how to love yourself first.  It all starts with yourself. You must learn how to love yourself so that you can really love others as well.

First and foremost, learn to value yourself.  Just because your main priority is the happiness of your kids – it doesn’t mean you give up your happiness as well.  If you leave yourself out of the good things, in no time you will not be able to handle any more pressures.

Pamper yourself from time to time – and get out to have some fun every now and then.  Learn to have some fun. In this way, you will continually be refreshed and you will be ready to face another challenging day of being a single parent.  The key is to be happy and not indulge yourself in self-pity.

Also, when you take good care of yourself – your children will appreciate how well you look and carry yourself.  You will become more respected for being able to handle yourself well despite any challenging situation that may come your way.